Mitchell represents poor on New London Housing Authority, not privileged few

The oft ignored New London Housing Authority is making headlines yet again, “New London housing authority member wants hearing to fight her possible removal,” (Jan. 3) this time for the potential removal of member Kathleen Mitchell. Mitchell’s removal would be yet another blow to the commission that recently lost a member with an extensive background in public health and housing inequities.

That commissioner submitted her resignation due, in large part, to frustration over commission business being conducted behind closed doors. Those who know Mitchell will tell you she’s nothing if not tenacious. It’s that very quality that makes her ideally suited to serve on the commission, unwavering in her willingness to ask questions and advocate for residents.

Her background affords her a connection to residents, in stark contrast to several of the other appointees − a realtor, an accountant, and a jewelry store owner. It’s not a personal attack, but rather an unfortunate fact, that our mayor has appointed the most privileged persons to make decisions for the poorest and most vulnerable.

While the board is specifically billed as apolitical, this smacks of political influence. Families dependent on public housing must not be treated as pawns in a political game.

Kat Goulart

New London

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