Can Day acknowledge Trump's achievements?

I expected the editorial, “Republicans need to call out racist in chief,” (Jan. 13). First, I do not approve of the term "shithole" that the president used in describing some of the countries to which we are granting special visas. A more politically correct phrase might have been "totally mismanaged." I think you must admit that some of these countries are "shitholes." That is not to say there are not many good people residing within.

The left, as predicted, totally goes bonkers when President Trump uses language that is not the most appropriate or politically correct. He must be a racist, right? I don't think he is a racist. I do not think I am a racist. But I guess because I support him I must be one, too?

Maybe we will see an editorial in the future citing all of the positive things Trump has accomplished. Maybe the positive direction the economy is headed. Maybe your 401(k) is a bit more robust than a year ago. Consumer confidence is at record levels. Unemployment is at its lowest point since 2000. ISIS is being annihilated. Foreign policy seems to be on the right track.

Trump has his faults. He says things that he knows will "stir the pot." It is different from anything we have experienced from a president. Not all good, but not all bad, either.

David Brown


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