U.S. supports freedom? Not for the Palestinians

Vice President Mike Pence spent much of his commentary on Iran, “This president will not be silent on Iran,” (Jan. 5), castigating the previous administration's alleged silence and lack of action during and after the “Green Revolution.” Pence contends that the United States has long stood with those who yearn for freedom and a brighter future. He then concludes that the people of Iran now know that the United States is leading on the world stage for freedom once again.

I used the word Palestine in place of Iran to see if the U.S. is consistant in its quest for freedom for all.

With the Trump Administration in office for a year, I see the Palestinians with no changes regarding their lack of human rights and lack of bargaining power, and I see a U.S. Congress busy writing anti-Palestinian legislation.

Palestinians remain in a straightjacket imposed by a $3 billion per year U.S. taxpayer grant to Israel.

Recent actions by President Trump included announcing the planned move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (against advice by our allies) and threatening to cut off aid to the Palestinians if they do not bargain for a peace treaty with Israel.

Is “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” coming to the Palestinians after 70 years? 

Sameer Hassan


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