Can't take it anymore, he's leaving

Electricity costs in southeast Connecticut are exorbitant and our regulators appear to be selected for their ignorance or complicity with our only provider. Each time I question the billing department about the monthly bill increases I have a mind-numbing experience when each charge is "explained" to me.

In my case, I have solar panels and am charged for the delivery of my power to the grid and pay again for the same power to be sent back to me (as if there are separate lines for each) and, to add insult to injury, there are surcharges tacked on separately. This is legalized corruption by our state regulators and Eversource (who has a monopoly in our region).

The Robber Barons are alive and well in Connecticut. I am retired so my options are to get out, start a battle with the state and the utility which may cost a fortune and get lost in the Connecticut government machine, or live with the corruption like everybody else. Since the state is so mismanaged and the political machine is so well oiled and the costs and taxes are exorbitant, I feel compelled to move out of Connecticut despite a loss on sale of my residence due to declining home values.

TJ Doherty


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