Learn from past, New London, then push into future

My hometown is a place with both rich tradition and inhabited by people who believe in its ability to thrive and be successful. As I have wandered the course of my life, I have always been proud to say not only where I am a product of, but what has made the city itself great. 

We are unique and have a pulse that cannot be measured in comparison to surrounding towns and cities. Once upon a time, we got in small boats and harpooned whales to bring about light.

In time, we adapted and our ways changed, so much that at times we are divided by our differences, be they cultural, economic or ideological.

My request is that the people not only stay true to the “home base,” but grow to observe the biases that exist in all of us. We all have but one life to live and, given the state of our city, we must rediscover the past and learn from it to push into the future.

It’s time to harpoon the issues that split us and bring the “light” into our world that will allow the people from New London to pave the way for success along the eastern seaboard and beyond.

Billy Satti Jr.

Santa Monica, California

Editor's note: The writer is a native New Londoner.

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