Trump breaking his promises to core supporters

It's understandable that Donald Trump's (aka POTUS) supporters were so blinded by his grandiose campaign promises that they overlooked his monumental character flaws. After one year in office, however, it's difficult to comprehend how any supporter could not feel betrayed. A prerequisite for being P of the United States is trustworthiness, yet he lies so frequently and unashamedly that only two conclusions can be reached. He is either a chronic, unabashed liar, or he is too ignorant and/or delusional to distinguish truth from fantasy. Either conclusion should disqualify anyone from holding that office.

President Trump gave huge tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations (but, he says, not to himself), but only crumbs to everyone else. This loss of tax revenue will impact many social services, thus taking back the crumbs. Now, he is considering a gasoline tax increase of 25 cents/gallon. Is this what he promised his supporters or did he lie? Fake news? No, an indecent and fake POTUS. 

Tom Dobbins

Old Lyme

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