Build monorail system along I-95 corridor

I have lost all hope this state will ever return to prosperity. The clearest proof of economic failure is I-95. There has been gridlock on this highway and others for decades. The only solution ever proposed is widening.

The latest Department of Transportation study says spending another $4 billion to widen the highway will solve the problem. 

Let me describe a different solution − an elevated dual monorail system within the I-95 footprint. Two elevated monorails running in opposite directions with stops every 20 miles where the passenger would leave the monorail and rent an electric motorcycle or an electric car to get to work. 

Why is this so hard to conceive? Being a rabid nationalist, I would demand the monorail cars, electric motorcycles and cars, all be built in Connecticut, or at least the United States.

Why is this so bloody hard? 

Frederick Charles Shakir


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