Start with gun control, not prison America

Are our children going to be sent to schools or prison camps? Our government is preaching that we need more security in our schools. They need metal detectors, fences and armed guards. Once we secure the schools, will we need to secure our school buses? Maybe replace them with armored trucks? Then on days off if they want to go to a movie are they going to be surrounded by security people there also. Are we moving from "the land of the free" to the land off the imprisoned? I see a future where everyone will wind up going from one armored camp to another. Is this what making America great means? 

I agree that guns are not the only problem, but they are the quickest item to bring under control by laws and regulations. Improving mental health treatment will take time and money along with many legal questions as to who or what deems a person to be unfit to have a weapon. 

Why not do gun reforms first while our esteemed Congress stalls and plays around with the mental illness problem. Once this disease is under control, they could loosen up the gun control regulations again if they want to.

Raymond Han


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