Collins reached some questionable conclusions

In regards to David Collins' Sunday column about Michael Buscetto’s behavior at the recent Waterford-New London boys basketball game in Waterford, I have a few thoughts.

Neither I, nor Collins, was at the game, and while I admit I don’t know what happened, Collins presents his accusations of “Buscetto’s bad behavior” as fact. The “behavior” started after Buscetto’s son, a star player for Waterford High School, made a bad play and New London cheered. Does anyone who has ever attended a sporting event believe that they were simply Pollyanna cheering a good break for New London by a kid who was killing their team?

In this day and age, not a single cell phone video exists of this alleged bad behavior? Hundreds were in that section.

A New London kid, who was not allowed, went onto the court to do a back flip and was kicked out. Somehow this is supposed to present a double standard? A fan is never allowed on the court.

Again, I was not at the game and I don’t know what happened. But after reading Collins' article, I know for certain that I question the facts more than did The Day columnist.

Vincent Yannacci

New London High School Class of 1992




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