'Undocumented immigrant' is a phony reference

What is an "undocumented immigrant" and what does the term mean? I don't know about most readers, but this reader didn't know what this widely used term meant, as published in newspapers, television, and as used by our local, state, and national leaders. So I looked up the term and found the following from: USLegal.com:

"The term 'undocumented immigrant' refers to foreign nationals residing in the U.S. without legal immigration status. It includes persons who entered the U.S. without inspection and proper permission from the U.S. government, and those who entered with a legal visa that is no longer valid. Undocumented immigrants are also known as 'unauthorized or illegal immigrants.'"

So don't be fooled or confused when our state and national leaders illustrate situations about those who may be deported by using misleading terms such as "undocumented immigrants," when in fact they are referring to "illegal immigrants."

Until our laws are changed, federal law enforcement agencies are doing what the law requires, removing immigrants who have entered the nation illegally. If our state and national leaders want change, then change the federal immigration laws. Until then, stop making up terms that confuse or misrepresent facts.

Paul Krug


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