Democrats destroy the judicial nomination process

The way House Democratic leaders handled Judge Jane Emons’ nomination had a chilling effect on Connecticut’s judicial system unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Emons’ long career as a judge was ended not because of her merits, but because the House refused to hold a vote on her nomination. 

The Day reported, “Family court judges,” (June 18), that the Speaker of the House didn't call a vote because he was worried about a filibuster in the final days of the session. That excuse is nothing but a smokescreen. Emons’ nomination sat on the House calendar for 78 days. A debate could have taken place long before the final days. Instead of standing up to be counted and assessing a controversial nominee, House Democrats allowed their silence to destroy the judicial nomination process. 

Earlier this year, Democrats wrongly criticized Republicans for abiding by the judicial nomination process and thoroughly vetting, debating and voting no on the governor’s initial chief justice nominee. At the same time, Democratic leaders threw that process out the window and avoided a vote altogether when it came to Emons, setting a new precedent that rattles our judicial system to its core. 

The issue is not how people vote on a certain judge. The issue is having a vote. 

Len Fasano 

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore

North Haven 

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