Teacher frustration with Malloy continues to grow

Along with highest tax raiser, creator of economic disaster for Connecticut, supreme panderer to minorities, we should add destroyer of education and lastly "teacher-hater-in-chief" to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's titles. 

Recently, nearly everyone received some kind of tax reprieve when President Trump lowered taxes. 

It seems some got a "few crumbs" while others received windfalls. The retired teachers and the working teachers got less money. Malloy (State of Connecticut) raised the state tax to 6.99 percent on everyone's pension. That took care of the federal tax break plus additional money. He also reneged on his promise to tax only one-half of the teacher pension. (Teachers cannot get Social Security, nor can they get their spouse's). 

For those teachers working, the teacher contribution to the teacher retirement pension was raised an additional percent so that wiped out the federal tax break for them.

And lastly, to make the teachers' job that much more difficult, Malloy recently vetoed Senate Bill #453, designed to make classrooms safer and improve classroom management. Malloy vetoed the bill and his argument was that the bill creates "too great a risk for those of color and those with disabilities." 

Perhaps the governor should personally show up and see what is going on in the schools. He might just learn something. 

Alice Burbank

Old Lyme

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