Threat to Roe v. Wade is a threat to women's health

It is not possible to ban abortion. It is only possible to ban safe, humane abortion. And, in the process, you also get higher maternal and infant mortality rates, more STDs, and disproportionate health risks for women of color. This is not an opinion; these are facts borne out by history and research. 

Prior to the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, 200 American women died each year from abortions. That mortality rate has fallen to almost zero today. What’s more, teen pregnancy and abortion rates have also fallen. 

Still, 10 states are now proposing extreme anti-women legislation, some banning abortion after as early as six weeks despite the fact that research shows a strong correlation between anti-abortion laws and poor health outcomes for women and children. This proposed legislation is not only cruel and insulting to women; it stands to threaten Roe v. Wade and the health of all American families if Trump is allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice before the mid-term election.

The majority of Americans agree that women must be trusted to make their own health decisions; let the people speak this November. No, let them scream that we will not lose 40 years of progress for families!

Anni Rodgers


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