Does Mike France reflect your values?

How has Mike France represented the voters of the 42nd District? According to the records of the last General Assembly legislative session, here are three examples.

The House voted 114 to 35 to ban bump stocks, the devices that convert rifles to assault weapons. Mike France voted nay.

The House voted 141 to 8 to prohibit conversion therapy, the debunked practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. Mike France voted nay.

The House voted 121 to 27 to pass legislation that included “Conor’s Law,” an act mandating skateboarders wear helmets. Following the tragic death of a Ledyard teen, his family and friends pushed for this legislation so that others would not suffer the same loss. Mike France voted nay. 

Are these the values you want in a state representative? I urge you to say nay and vote for Liz Schwebel. 

Doug Davies



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