Stick with Mystic name for boathouse

It was with dismay I read, “Mystic River Boathouse Park plans moving ahead,” (Nov. 11), that the Mystic River Boathouse Park Implementation Commission is willing go along with a new name for the park on Greenmanville Avenue, Stonington Boathouse Park. This because the Mystic River Park Commission is worried that there will be confusion between the new boathouse park and the park in downtown Mystic.

The Stonington High School Crew has organized rowing regattas on the Mystic River for many years. I don’t believe that the out-of-town rowing teams coming to race on the river would suddenly decide to drive to the wrong park by the bascule bridge to launch their boats.

Most visitors coming to Mystic are not aware that the village of Mystic is part of the towns of Stonington on the east side of the river and Groton on the west side. Who says with “Stonington” in the name of the boathouse park, rowing visitors would not drive to Stonington Borough to try to launch their racing shells there?

Don’t try to make it complicated. The boathouse will be on the river – keep the “Mystic River” in the name of the new park.

Goran R. Buckhorn



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