In relative terms, wall request is peanuts

When figures in the millions, billions and trillions are tossed around, it’s easy to not appreciate their relative size and just hear them all as “really, really, big numbers." To differentiate and put things in perspective, it helps to keep in mind that things bump up to the next level in multiples of 1000: 

A thousand is 1000 ones; a million is 1000 thousands; a billion is 1000 millions; a trillion is 1000 billions (wow!).

In response to a variety of concerns and perceived threats, President Trump suggests we spend about $5 billion to build a wall on our southern border, which is a heck of a lot of money. However, the federal budget is about $4 trillion per year, which is a heck of a lot more. 

In relative terms, look at it this way: Out of a household budget of $4,000 per year, it would cost $5 (once) to put locks on the doors so that people would have to ask permission before moving in. That's the equivalent amount Trump is asking for his wall.

Warren Morse

East Haddam


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