Nolan's police service makes him a good candidate in New London

New London police officer and City Councilor Anthony Nolan as a viable option to fill our vacant State House seat is welcome news. His qualifications far surpass those of all rivals.

Yet his paramount virtue is an esoteric one. During the past few years police nationwide have absorbed a brutal public relations beating. Cops are understandably slower to respond to emergencies due to circumspection for their own safety; they are not kamikazes after all. Yet New London is blessed with a police force still as rapidly responsive as ever. NLPD reaction alacrity remains efficient.

Though there are several factors in this equation — an experienced and involved chief, strong cop union camaraderie, etc. — the dominant one is doubtless Mr. Nolan’s combination of extensive interaction with youth, his councilor position ensuring vocational honor among his colleagues, and his compassionate attitude to even the “strays” running afoul of the law. However unpopular police are as of late, they are nevertheless the thin blue barricade demarcating civilized interaction from chaotically violent anarchy. There is simply no calculating how much better off we’ve been for Mr. Nolan’s unique extracurricular street service. He’s clearly the best choice to represent us in Hartford.

Martin Crane

New London


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