Column touched on importance of pets

Paul Choiniere's column, “A death in the family,” (Jan. 14), about his son’s beloved dog: Chandler’s life and Chandler’s passing, was the most heartfelt column he ever wrote. 

Any pet that a human loves has a special place in the owner’s heart forever. 

Growing up, we had a parakeet named Tweenie. My father, who was on the police force at the time, loved Tweenie so much. Being a police officer meant often working the midnight shift and Tweenie was the only one awake at that hour. While dad was getting ready for work, Tweenie would sing happily to dad. When Tweenie passed away, dad was heartbroken. 

Regarding all the young adults who have committed suicide due to human bullying, I’m wondering if they had a pet to comfort them. 

The depth of human cruelty could never possibly be measured. An animal does not have that capability. 

Some people have no human family members, so their pets are their entire family. 

I’ve been writing a book titled: “If only our pets could talk to us, what would they say?” 

I’m enjoying writing this book about my current and past pet family members. 

Diane L. Amburn



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