Republicans should help climate change fight

The United States is the only western country where a major political party −The Republican Party − contests the existence of largely human-induced climate change. Even the populist parties in Western Europe do not doubt that it is occurring. And over 95 percent of the world's scientists say it is occurring.

Addressing climate change together could go a long way to uniting our deeply divided nation and world.

Republicans criticize the Green New Deal as being too costly. But the cost of addressing climate change disasters in the future will be far higher compared with the cost of addressing it now. Do nothing and the following is likely to occur before 2050, certainly before the end of the century: Flooding of major cities and increasing droughts around the world causing a vast increase in refugees, poverty and hunger.

So let us wake up and together as world citizens address this issue. We owe it to our children and grandchildren. 

Robert Perry



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