Standing by restaurant owner he believes innocent

I am a Mystic native who returned to the area after 20-plus years. I moved to Noank, where we are lucky to have businesses that provide services in the village. Recently, I visited No Anchor Fine Foods and met two wonderful people. During the course of my conversation, I discovered that one of the people I was speaking with was Amy Sarcia, who has been villianized by this newspaper.

The women I met is no criminal, rather a stand-up human being. My expectation is that the criminal, money laundering charges filed against her will be dropped. Our country was built on the ideal of "innocent until proven guilty," and it will prove true in this case.

News outlets tried Sarcia in the court of public opinion when facts did not support this. When Sarcia is cleared, I expect The Day to publish a front-page article with the facts clearing Amy's good name.

I encourage all my fellow Noank residents to show that we support Sarcia as innocent and vote with our wallets. We are duty bound to make sure that Amy knows we appreciate the service she provides. I can promise when visiting No Anchor Fine Foods you will meet a staff that is passionate to the business and its owners. And, hands down, it has some of the best food around.

John Goodrich



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