Get Green New Deal facts, ignore Republican mischaracterizations

Sunday, March 3, The Day published two letters concerning the Green New Deal Resolution. Both letters reflected greater familiarity with the array of derisive critiques that have sprung up around the resolution than with the resolution itself. Letter #1 talked about, “Banning cows …” and, “Banning planes and cars …” Whereas related language in the resolution states, “working collaboratively with farmers and ranchers … to remove pollution… as much as is technologically feasible,” and, “overhauling transportation systems … to remove pollution … as much as is technologically feasible.” No mention of any banning.

Letter #2 derides the resolution entirely: “Green New Deal? The truth is this is juvenile lunacy that ignores economic realities.” To these correspondents as well as to all your readers, I suggest respectfully that they Google “Full text Green New Deal” and open “Text H. Res. 109 116th Congress,” and read the resolution carefully.

I also strongly recommend that they Google, “Drawdown” and open the first result: “Drawdown.” Scroll down and click the video of a TED talk by Chad Frischmann entitled “We The Future.” Once they hear what Frischmann has to say, I sincerely hope they’ll become as concerned about global warming as I am.

Charles Harding



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