Bishop Cote ignores cries of the victims

Is anyone home at the Diocese of Norwich? Requests for updates and statements go unanswered, victims are recognized only by church lawyers. Bishop Cote speaks to all through a church newsletter; most don't get. Interviews are denied, Cote is blind to victims on the sidewalk in front of the chancery, the faithful are left to answer for their silence. The diocese releases an incomplete list of abusive clergy  when it has had decades to get it correct.

Now, after settling with a victim out of court for $900,000, the diocese provides no statement of remorse, no admission of wrongdoing; just a generic comment hoping the money helps the victim with "closure."

Cote implies true healing comes from within a church − a church that treats its victims as the criminals. You defend all priestly actions, no matter how atrocious, rather than going to your victims with an honest attempt at closure. And people are supposed to see God in your actions?

To date, Bishop Cote, you resemble an ostrich with its head in the sand. We see you. 

John T. McGuire

New London

Editor's note: The author alleges that he was a victim of sexual abuse by a priest.


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