Only demon would harm innocent dog

I just read the heart-breaking story, “Man who shot, killed dog gets sent to prison,” (April 16), about a demon killing someone’s best tail- wagging friend, and the dog did nothing to him.

God, I know I would never be right again if that ever happened to me with one of my tail waggers. 

Back in 2009, one of my dogs, Bu,b bit someone and it was the other way around, the person did nothing to instigate the bite Bub delivered. The person Bub bit could easily have hurt Bub or worse for biting him, but he didn’t. So good God, to just take the life of an innocent animal is a reminder that evil walks among us. 

However, I’m at peace knowing this demon will be spending years behind bars. And hopefully there will be animal-loving prisoners near his lonely cell. 

Diane L. Amburn



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