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Investigate plot to bring down a president

The next two years may be two of the most fascinating in American history. Consider news reports that various top government figures appear to be involved in a conspiracy to remove a president from office through illegal means. There is truly an historic investigation, after a two-year special prosecutor found no crime for the charge of collusion with Russia by the president.

American political parties have been wary about bringing criminal charges against former office holders. Richard Nixon was forced to resign due to covering up a criminal break-in of a Democratic campaign office. That was the beginning of modern parties bringing impeachment charges against each other. The Republicans sought to impeach Bill Clinton on sexual grounds involving a young office worker and for legal misconduct.

The close election of George W. Bush over Al Gore brought out real hostility between parties. The election of Donald Trump based on electoral majority over popular vote created bitterness among Democrats.

Perhaps all these incidents led one party’s leadership, the Democrats, to risk everything to use appointed federal officials to destroy the election of the other party’s president. That is why the investigation and election during the next two years will rival the most extreme events in American history.

Howard Flora



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