Aggressive ticketing better than tolls

Based on 2015 Department of Transportation data, over 700,000 cars pass daily on busy sections of I-95, I-84 and I-91. If you drive on those highways, I am sure, like me, you see many dangerous infractions, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, distracted drivers, etc. So why not set up mobile electronic video monitoring to enforce the traffic laws? Based on a very conservative estimate of at least a 10 percent infraction rate with a $200 average penalty per citation, it would amount to approximately $14 million per weekday or over $3 billion per year factoring in weekends. 

These numbers are conservative even allowing for first-time warnings and a speeding 5 MPH buffer. It would make the highways safer with further savings in personal injuries and insurance costs. It would help pay for infrastructure improvement from those who directly violate the rules of the road. 

The technology should be mobile with stealth, hidden locations changed periodically, and robust enough to capture all violations. If the technology does not exist, then put it out for bid or better yet give a grant to the Engineering School at the University of Connecticut to develop. You would make the highways safer while generating revenues for infrastructure improvements. 

Edward R. Pellegri Jr.



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