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Trapping animals is highly insensitive

This letter is about trapping wild animals and the fact I am against it completely. 

For example, someone sets an "I have a heart trap" because a woodchuck is getting into their garden. So, my question is, “How often are you checking this trap?” 

There are alternatives to trapping a defenseless animal, one being putting a fence around your precious garden. It certainly does not need to be an expensive fence. 

I know you probably care less about this wild animal but imagine yourself in this same situation − trapped with no means of escape. This is exactly how the poor animal feels. And what’s really tragic is if this animal has young ones waiting for mama to return. 

My final question is, “What are you going to do with this trapped animal?” 

My mother always told me that when someone does something wrong, their day will come. 

Diane L. Amburn



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