Elect Olsen mayor, get New London moving again

I endorse Martin T. Olsen as the next mayor for the City of New London. For the past 19 years, I have been a resident in New London, lived in downtown, occupied as a freelance artist and from 2010–2013. 

During his time serving as mayor in 2010 to 2011, as selected by the City Council, Marty was always present at local events during the day and early evening, punctuated by his unique personality of active listening and mutual respect, with an honest and forthright manner. His tenure was marked by a thriving business climate and a flourishing arts and entertainment scene.

His presence was permeated by a safe environment, with a strong administration that listened, cared, and took action promptly, when necessary. Since 2012, when Marty ended his time as mayor, the city has been in a state of steady decline. Several businesses have closed, leaving vacant storefronts and neglected buildings in their wake, creating a haven for crime and fear.

Olsen refuses to set up roadblocks that detain the progress of the city. It appears that the negligence of the past and present administrations of the past seven years is paving the way for Marty Olsen's successful return to the seat of power. 

Denise Hickey

New London


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