No fan of casino plan near his town

Regarding your recent editorial, “Next up: Connecticut Gaming 3.0,” (June 14). Why would a newspaper in New London support the East Windsor casino? Where do you get the idea that northern Connecticut wants it? 

Enfield residents, 200 of them, turned out for a public hearing on this, most of them opposed. Windsor Locks opposed it. East Windsor agreed. This town, population 12,000, is getting an $8 million-plus in revenue from this and may be able to lower taxes. Meanwhile, this casino is being built near Enfield's town line and right over the river from Windsor Locks. We get the problems, for sure. 

A referendum should have been held. Casinos are very unpopular except in poor communities or on tribal lands. Three Massachusetts towns rejected casino referendums.

Connecticut lawmakers rejected a local referendum requirement for casinos, making it impossible for us to fight. 

We're worried about increases in problem gambling, especially to vulnerable seniors, as well as crime. We wonder how it might impact our property values. We're worried, as well, as whether businesses will want to locate in our industrial parks. 

This is the worst thing that could have happened to our area. If you write about your support for the East Windsor casino, you ought to at least know how many people up here feel about it. 

Patrick Thibodeau



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