Pelosi is in a no-win impeachment pickle

Nancy Pelosi is facing a sort of triple bind regarding to impeaching President Trump. Let’s say her we’ll-get-him-in-the-2020-election strategy carries the day and the House refrains from impeachment. President Trump is able to bring his rallies to their feet as he bellows, “Fifty-million-dollars, two years, a vicious team of lifelong Trump haters, unending subpoenas, hundreds of witnesses, and what have they got, folks, what have they got? Nothing! No impeachment because no collusion, no obstruction!”

Even worse, let’s say the House Judiciary Committee votes to impeach, but when the Articles are voted on by the whole House, the 40 freshmen members, who flipped red districts and would certainly lose their seats otherwise, all vote nay, and impeachment goes down to defeat. President Trump is able to bring his rallies to their feet as he bellows…etc.

Finally, let’s say the 40 members vote aye — putting themselves at grave political risk — impeachment passes and moves forward, and the Republican Senate votes to acquit. President Trump is able to, you know. 

As they say where I come from, Speaker Pelosi “can’t win for losing.”

Charles Harding



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