Commending Sen. Somers

I would like to commend state Sen. Heather Somers for her detailed explanations on how bond requests work on social media forums, where most people now communicate. All despite constant harassment from individuals who make allegations and ignore any information that would quell their qualms.

Despite these efforts being mocked by her detractors, I appreciate the work that Senator Somers has done eliminating loopholes in sexual harassment laws, establishing a mitigation fund for fishermen affected by wind turbine farms and expanding business opportunities for breweries; all subjects that are within the purview of her office and are important to residents like myself.

I have found Somers focuses on creating sound policy. Somers makes every effort to add amendments to fix legislation that at best is mere back-patting and at worst would compromise citizens' constitutional rights. I have not seen such work from my state representative, and my town councilors would rather equivocate than have an honest conversation about hard subjects like tolls. Every day I read the words “Progress and Prudence” on the City of Groton sign. It would seem that most politicians would adhere to one at the exclusion of the other; Senator Somers finds the necessary balance for responsible governing. 

Lauren Gauthier



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