No great debater, Joe Biden needs to keep message simple

The Democratic debates proved something − Joe Biden is a weak debater and many of the Democratic candidates are strong ones. It did not prove that Biden would be a weak president. Donald Trump is a great debater and a horrible president. If I was Joe Biden, here’s what I would have said. 

“I’m not much of a debater. Many of my colleagues in these debates are. Donald Trump is a great debater. If you want a president that distances us from our allies, assaults women, disparages people of color, separates children from their families, obstructs justice and very likely serves at the pleasure of Vladimir Putin (because even if Trump didn’t conspire with Russians, Russian efforts helped him get votes), then vote for him. But if you want a president who will restore relations with our allies, respect all people, find a compassionate solution to a thorny immigration problem on our southern border, re-engage with the world on addressing the adverse effects of global warming, return civility to public discourse and strive for bipartisan approaches to the difficult issues facing America, I know how to do that job. Vote for me.” 

Eric Smith



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