Smiler's Wharf plan bad for taxpayers

I wish to recognize David Collins for his recent columns “Stonington officials seem in the tank for Smiler’s Wharf developers” and “The seven myths of Smiler’s Wharf,” clarifying the issues rising from proposal of development. I hope that they will graciously listen to the opposition.

I would like to register my concerns for the taxpayers: the impact of work to be done on the present infrastructure will surely fall to them, e.g. the bill for sewage, roads, water supply, etc. With continued sea level rise, this property in as little as 30 years is likely to become intertidal, putting in jeopardy this large undertaking and putting the taxpayer once again in the position of footing the bill for remedial measures. For short-term gain (increased tax revenue), this seems an unproductive reward, especially as manmade technologies do not seem to stand up to nature on the rampage, viz. Midwestern flood plains and the already sinking new levees in New Orleans. There is also the possibility of the town being sued for loss of property for having made an irresponsible decision.

The plan by itself is more than acceptable, the siting has obvious drawbacks. Let us hope that there will be proper review of the report of the DEEP, and that wiser heads might prevail.

Mary M. Thacher



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