Social media not to blame for opposition

Recently a town administrator expressed his disingenuous view that opposition to the Smiler's Wharf application was due to social media. It is worth his reviewing who the permanent residents are, how they form opinions and what their credentials are: They think, they read, and they did not move to this area because of tourism, traffic jams, huge vehicles, inadequate parking, noise, congestion and lack of green. They came looking for professional jobs, clean air, water sports, good schools, diversity, small size, cultural venues, bikes and public transportation. 

Who are this community? Doctors, lawyers, florists, historians, preservationists, carpenters, artists, curators, librarians, authors, poets, watermen, boat builders, shipwrights, sail makers, sailors, rowers, environmentalists, climatologists, blacksmiths, fishermen, students, engineers, landscapers, naturalists, merchants, chefs, urban planners, truckers, investigative reporters, editors artisans — and so on. 

Now research by and for the community has discredited some of the developers, some of the administrators, some of the designers for various reasons, foremost being failure to follow the rule of law, to know the science, and to hear the voices of the community. 

Nancy d'Estang

Old Mystic


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