Enforce laws, put deranged in institutions, stick to facts

Every U.S. mass shooting, is followed by press conferences, expressed condolences, and commendations. Elected officials repeat the same story. One, spend more money. Two, deprive/restrict/limit the rights of the citizenry, ban this or that. Three, increase the imposition and monetary penalty on the citizenry, i.e. increased fines or fees.

This approach relieves society of responsibility, neither singling out anyone or the issue. Perpetrator personal responsibility and accountability are excused. Citizenry detachment is excused, and politician inaction is condoned.

Case in point, one recent incident was blamed on President Trump’s words, i.e. invasion. To some, invasion can only be an overt act by those in similar garb with an outward display of weapons. To others, loss of border control and thousands crossing the border illegally is a threat to sovereignty and an invasion.

Regardless, neither belief would lead to the tragedy that unfolded. Fighting over words is a dodge! We need; enforcement of laws, not more laws, voluntary/involuntary institutionalization and personal accountability. Most importantly, we need honest politicians that put the country and populace first, and a media that reports only the unbiased facts.

Harrison Solt



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