Cannot depend on Republicans or Trump for solutions to violence

Trump owns what went down in El Paso. By his actions and rhetoric, he has steadfastly demonstrated that he is a purveyor of hate and divisiveness. Utterly lacking in emotional intelligence and human decency, he has dedicated his presidency to demonizing and belittling anyone who is not white.

Accordingly, his popularity among white supremacists is easy to understand because he stands as a source of inspiration for that deranged and angry crowd. His pathetic and carefully scripted address to the nation, blaming social media, video arcade games and the internet for the violence that he himself routinely encourages, only served to underscore the depravity of his character and fundamental unfitness for high office.

Obviously, America cannot depend upon Trump, or the Republican party whose elected officials remain largely silent and thus complicit in providing cover for Trump, to propose real solutions to reign in mass shootings. No, that is going to take a new president and Congress, an event that cannot occur soon enough.

Until then, there is no reason to believe that we will not continue to bear witness to what have become predictable tragedies devastating our country's schools, houses of worship and public places.

John Welch

Gales Ferry


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