Don't stick ratepayers with Derby defendants' legal fees

We are informed that CMEEC is presently obligated for legal fees in excess of $500,000. It is a foregone conclusion that the fees will be much more. The approximate cost of this dalliance will come close to $3 million. The ratepayers will be the losers. 

CMEEC has not objected to the claim for attorney’s fees. They have agreed to delay any objection. If they are not successful, how does CMEEC get the money back from the alleged felons? CMEEC has not liened any of the assets of the interested parties. A motion to dismiss, which if granted, will end any claims. The position of CMEEC has been not to contest the payment of fees and not to contest any dismissal by the court.

Who represents the ratepayers, CMEEC? Did any members of the CMEEC board participate or have reasonable knowledge of the Kentucky folly, a conduct that has been dismissed by some as, "Everybody does it?" The attorney general and the state's attorney have stayed away and been silent. My understanding is the state can bring charges if the feds strike out.

If the alleged felons are found guilty in federal court, write to the judge and ask that they repay CMEEC the legal feels. That would be justice. 

Martin M. Rutchik, Esq.



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