For state's sake, reduce some taxes

The Connecticut legislature is considering a payroll tax, it says, to reduce the effect of a cap on federal income tax deductions. When has that ever happened? Reference Public Act 19-117, §385.

Today Connecticut is the second highest taxed state in the union after New York and adding to the burden isn’t going to help.

Connecticut’s General Fund is projected to be in deficit by over $2 billion in fiscal year 2020, increasing to over $3.6 billion by 2023, according to the state budget overview.

When will our representatives learn we don’t need more taxes. We need to reduce the state’s over generous spending. We all know that once a tax is enacted it never gets reduced.

Businesses in the state are now so overburdened by taxes that some are considering leaving, which will cascade to even higher taxes on the fewer people and businesses left.

I urge all who may read this to write to your representatives to express the need to reduce state spending and taxes that are levied in order to make Connecticut a comfortable place to live.

Christopher Mullaney

Old Lyme


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