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Local action needed to mitigate climate change

Today, Friday, millions of people will participate in “strikes” to support action to mitigate impacts of climate change. I am encouraged by the optimism and enthusiasm of these advocates. 

For my part, I want to promote discussion of the issue with candidates in the upcoming local elections. I am asking:

  • What has been done in the past two years related to climate change?
  • What were the successes and disappointments?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the next two years? 

In my municipality, much work has been done in alignment with state programs already. While I have great appreciation for the diligence and effort from so manyr, I would still like to respectfully inquire whether enough of the right things are being done. 

I will do the same thing next year for state and federal elections. Unfortunately, several beneficial carbon pricing proposals that could be implemented easily languish in our state and federal legislatures. While I will not wait to ask current elected officials how to progress these proposals now, I will also be asking them these same three questions next year. 

I invite others to make similar inquiries and bring a better focus and more urgency to the issue, as the impending climate strikes hope to do. 

Joe Rice

East Lyme


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