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Support clear, build Coast Museum at the Fort

For the past several years, numerous letters have been written to The Day about building the new Coast Guard Museum. To the best of my knowledge not a single letter has supported any part of the plan to build it in downtown New London. Hello? Is there anyone listening out there?

Many reasons have been written to The Day as to why not to build the museum downtown. I do not need to list them again. There are many reasons to build it in Fort Trumbull. It is a sensible idea. Besides being the birth place to the Coast Guard Academy, there is plenty of room for parking, it is a beautiful coastal site, there is already an established nice looking park there, the cost to build would be much less, driving there would be easier and more inviting than driving through downtown. The list goes on and on.

I would venture to say that if it were put to a vote in New London County and across the United States, for that matter, as to where to build the museum, a majority of the people would overwhelming vote to build it in Fort Trumbull. Build it in Fort Trumbull and the people will come.

Peter Colonis



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