Allyn-Gauthier clear choice in Preston for top post

It is clear that the most qualified choice for first selectperson this Nov. 5 in Preston is Sandra Allyn-Gauthier. She has the necessary skills in terms of communication, interpersonal engagement, and decision-making ability to provide excellent leadership for Preston in the coming years. In particular, her experience as a financial adviser will well equip her to address the critical fiscal issues facing us as a community. With Sandra, together with Jerry Grabarek as selectman and Leigh Anne Pappas, who is running for Town Clerk, we have the opportunity to elect a strong slate that will move us in the right direction.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the many years of dedicated service Bob Congdon has provided the town as first selectman and congratulate him on his pending retirement.

Timothy Bowles



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