Day should further investigate nun assault allegations

Your much reported and detailed story of the Old Lyme sex assault trial is a convoluted, troubling, singular case involving the allegations of the 10-year old victim. 

However, the Old Lyme case pales in comparison with the numerous, decades long, brutal cases of child rape and assault by priests within The Catholic Diocese of Norwich. Cases which, to this day, continue to be hidden and covered-up by Bishop Michael Cote. Among these cases are the accusations − the subject of an April 1 Day article − outlining the horrific 1964 rape and severe beatings of 6-year old Robert Kowal by his St. Joseph School of Norwich first grade teacher, a "Sister Seraphia." Legal name and whereabouts remain unknown.

There are several new, alarming and compelling developments in Mr. Kowal's case, developments which your newspaper should not ignore! 

Bob Sirkin

Old Lyme

Editor's note: Sister Seraphia's religious order claims she has died.


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