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Pero and Sprecace, great candidates ready to lead New London

Boy, are we lucky! We have two of the best and most experienced candidates running for election. We have Rob Pero running for Board of Education at a time when experience and judgment are at a premium, and at a time when our school system desperately needs to recover from a terrible scandal. We have Adam Sprecace running for City Council when a genius is needed to keep the council from floundering, and to oversee the city budget and ensure taxes are reasonable. 

Rob has 16 years of experience and Adam has six years of experience on the council. 

Rob and Adam have been involved in city issues for many years. They both are smart and articulate. They know the problems and how to fix them. With so many new members coming to both the council and Board of Education, it is vital  that you vote for these two outstanding public servants to help and guide new members. 

Vote for Rob Pero for Board of Education, and Adam Sprecace for City Council. 

We need all our Republican candidates elected to turn this city around, but we especially need the intellect, courage and experience of Rob and Adam. Vote Republican! 

Bill Vogel

New London


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