Godfather Trump's overt Ukraine shakedown

Anybody who has seen even a small part of The Godfather trilogy knows exactly what President Trump was trying to do with Ukraine: "Someday ... I'll call upon you to do me a favor." The important thing to remember is that the Grifter-in-Chief withheld crucial military aid (as well as a state visit, a diplomatic imprimatur to a new government) to an ally who is in a desperate struggle with our supposed adversary on the world stage, Vladimir Putin's Russia.

In other words, "No-Collusion" Trump threatened to favor the military of the country that demonstrably interfered in our last presidential election unless Ukraine helped interfere in the next one by re-opening an investigation into Joe Biden's son, previously cleared by the Ukrainian government.

And it's working. The Ukrainian president got his visit, the aid tap was turned on, and the Ukrainian federal prosecutor ordered an "audit" of the previous investigations of Burisma, the gas company on whose board Hunter Biden sat. Not quite shooting someone dead on 5th Avenue, but an obviously illegal, immoral, and impeachable act and the closest thing to treason since Richard Nixon conspired to spike the Vietnam peace talks.

Throw the bums out, I say, and sooner rather than later.

Daniel Storms

East Lyme


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