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Keep Democratic team moving Groton forward

The best things that have happened in Groton in decades happened when voters rejected changing Groton’s town charter and elected a Democratic Town Council. The voters were wise. In two years, this council has accomplished more than any previous Republican-controlled council.

The town is flourishing. Vacant schools are being repurposed into taxpaying businesses and a community center. Other economic development projects are actively underway. We finally have an Ethics Commission after waiting too many years.

The voter-approved middle school project is moving ahead despite mishandling under the previous council. The Democratic team had to fix the mistakes.

The Thomas Road project, stalled for two decades, is finally complete at a lower cost.

And contrary to what many falsely believe, Democrats have not raised taxes more. Quite the opposite. The Democratic council kept them flat. Costs at Town Hll are down. The town’s bond rating is up, saving money. Our rainy-day fund is healthy. Truth be told, taxes increased more under Republican leadership.

I’m impressed. The Democratic team deserves re-election. They’ve earned my vote. Mayor Granatosky is doing an exceptional job for all of us. It’d be wise to vote “blue” again on Nov. 5.

Natalie Burfoot Billing



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