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Seek real truth of Trump's great success

If you want to know news that isn't fake, watch "Fox" or "One American News" television. Not what you read in the newspapers, as most print fake data from the Washington Post, CNN, and others on the left. 

Open your eyes Democrats. For three years the economy has improved and keeps doing so. Unemployment is down, near the lowest on record. Minorities are benefiting, the military has been rebuilt, homeland security is improving, the Wall built (despite the Democratic House holding back the money for it).

President Trump has kept many of his promises. He now is bringing back our troops from being a police force in foreign countries. He's improved care for veterans. He's backing America's trading and imposing tariffs in our favor. He has brought back industry and helped the farmers. The U.S. is a world leader in oil production, and Trump has supported coal production and mining jobs. 

There are other things he wants to improve but the Congress isn’t doing the job that they were elected to do. They are worried about losing their political office next year and they should. It’s a do-nothing House of Representatives. 

President Trump has done nothing that’s impeachable. He’s looking out for America and how your taxes and mine are spent. 

Kenneth Wade



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