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Open nursing homes for infirm pets

I would love to see a nursing home for old pets open. Society has many nursing homes for human family members. Pets are like family members to many people.

Some people opt to care for their old pets at home, assisting the pet with walking, hand feeding and relieving themselves etc., but this is exhausting, 24/7. A lot of times, because people are old themselves and they can’t get any help from other human family members, they have no choice but to let their beloved pets go to heaven

These are heartbreaking decisions, but best for the old pets.

A nursing home would allow pet owners to come and visit their pets just like we visit human family members, before God calls them home.

A stupid idea, perhaps, to some of you; people who don’t care about animals?

I don’t think it is so crazy and I’m sure fellow animal lovers will agree with me.

Diane L. Amburn




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