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British Royals don't deserve all this U.S. attention

News flash! Meghan and Harry are removing themselves from official duties! When is the American public going to get over the stupid British monarchy? Wasn't it enough what King George did to our own colonists? If you have any Irish blood running through your body, and in the United States it is estimated that about 40 million of us have Irish heritage, then you must remember that the English monarchs were perfectly content with enslaving, hanging, stealing and starving your ancestors.

Over the years the Brits executed countless Irish citizens, including priests. And the British Penal Laws imposed upon the Irish were akin to the Jim Crow laws imposed on African Americans in this country. People are familiar with Josef Stalin's forced starvation of the Ukraine, but consider what the Brits did to the Irish during the Great Hunger, also known as the Great Famine.

The news and media outlets in this country need to stop this ongoing reporting and fawning over the British Royals.

Michael Calkins


Editor's note: Letter was updated to add name inadvertently left off when story was originally published online.


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