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Day's criticism of New London council was genuinely sad

In the Feb. 10 editorial, “New London council’s needless bow to Bernie,” The Day glibly asks whether the council did its research before endorsing Medicare for all. I have a follow-up question: Did The Day do theirs?

In poll after poll, health care is a top issue for voters, far from an electoral taboo to be avoided for fear of disturbing those who are “satisfied, or relatively so” — a comically strained phrase here — with their for-profit private insurance plans. Kudos to the New London councilors who bowed not to a candidate but to a just and achievable ideal.

The newspaper contemptuously dismisses Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, and glorifies the guiding wisdom of “genuine” Democrats. Among those badge-wearers are the savvy technocrats who either can’t or won’t accurately count the Iowa vote, and the trail of anodyne presidential contenders presently dining on Sanders’ dust.

And it was the truest, bluest Democrat of all — sporting the truest, bluest half-measures, insincerity and cynicism — who was stuffed in what should have been a slam-dunk election four years ago. Yet it is Sanders’ clear-eyed vision of economic justice and reform politics that earns The Day’s reproach. How genuinely sad.

Brendan Cox




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