Day weighs in on national matters, so why not New London council?

The Day's editorial board told the New London City Council to "stick to local issues" after the council voted in support of Medicare for All. The editorial appeared to attempt to shame the Democratic council for not spending more time on reviving the city's downtown, working on adequate policing, and assuring a fair share of funding for the State Pier wind development hub, but having the gall to have an opinion on the national health crisis. And, by extension, for support of Bernie Sanders.

But here's the thing. This was a resolution that took, likely, little time and no money. Yes, it was a local opinion about a national matter. Guess what, The Day is a local newspaper which then gave its' opinion about this national problem, and then slammed the council for expressing its opinion.

Editorial board: Perhaps you should stick to local issues. On, Feb. 11, the day the Connecticut Port Authority held its' special meeting, why did you not address (yes, I know you have discussed it before), the pervasive, corrupt issues of this body that have been so persuasively and thoroughly documented by your columnist, David Collins. How about some solutions and opinions regarding this mega problem in our area?

Maureen Gallagher




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