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Murphy was wrong, but what about Trump?

In response to Gretchen Gauthier's letter to the editor, “Sen. Murphy’s behavior at State of the Union should be condemned,” (Feb. 9), I agree with her that Murphy should have stood to recognize those who were introduced and honored. But I believe it was so obvious that President Trump is using these African Americans to get votes. Given his racist track record, the last paragraph of Gauthier's letter describes Trump’s actions on many occasions, “Dishonoring African Americans, our veterans, single parents and children.”

How about his nasty criticisms of John McCain, Mattis, Kelly, McMaster, and McRaven (who led the Bin Laden assassination)? And now Lt. Col. Vindman who was doing his job by being honest. He constantly dishonors African Americans by supporting white racists, disrespecting the late Elijah Cummings with his comments on Baltimore.

Trump's so-called tax plan has done nothing for the middle to lower class, which includes many single parents working multiple jobs to take care of their families, many for minimum wage. How about how the children of illegal immigrants have been treated?

Trump represents and benefits the wealthy and cares nothing for the lower classes. He puts children at risk with his environmental policies, military actions, and his overall recklessness.

Yet his worshippers turn their heads to look the other way. So sad.

Jeffrey MacKay




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